As Orange County works to recover and reopen, Rouda plays games in Washington

Huntington Beach, CA – Michelle Steel, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors and Republican candidate for CA-48, released the following statement on today’s expected vote on the HEROES Act:

“Orange County is leading the fight against COVID-19 – we have the lowest infection rate compared to our region. Our testing capacity continues to grow, and we have created a task force that is helping guide a safe reopening of our local economy. 

“Unfortunately, in Washington, Harley Rouda and his pals are pushing a bill which Speaker Pelosi herself has indicated she does not expect to go anywhere.

“This type of political posturing is not what the small businesses, their workers and families of Orange County need. 

“Rather than wasting time trying to ram through an 1,800 page bill that everyone agrees has little to no chance of becoming law, Congress should work together on a relief package that helps all Americans and is not loaded with a partisan wish list of programs.”

Steel wrote in the Daily Pilot this week about Orange County’s ongoing efforts and how they are prepared to lead the way to a safe and sensible reopening.

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